Bootleg Canyon Flightlines

Have you ever imagined soaring from the top of a mountain with an eagle’s eye view?   Let your imagination become reality and come experience the thrill and beauty of BC Flightlines, Boulder City’s newest eco-adventure, located at the base of Red Mountain.

We have a series of four separate Flightlines, or zip lines for simplicities sake, each line varies in length ranging from 1150 ft all the way up to 2545ft.  The guided tour starts with a scenic van ride up the mountain.  Once you arrive at the top you will have about a 15 minute hike to our first platform.  When you reach our first deck you will be about 3800 ft above sea level looking down on all of Nevada. 

Our Flightlines are located on the Red Mountains which are ranked 8th in the world for downhill extreme mountain biking, but instead of hiking or cycling down the trails, you are exploring the mountain from an aerial trial.  Add some of the safest new patented technology, impressive distances, spectacular views and highly qualified guides, and you have BC Flightlines, the only aerial trails system in Nevada.

Tour Pricing: $149 weekdays

Restrictions/Requirements: 75 - 250 lbs, under 12 y.o. not recommended

Tour Type : Zip Line Tour
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Bootleg Canyon Flightlines

B.C. Flightlines
1512 Industrial Rd.
Boulder City ,Nevada
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