D'Arbre en Arbre Duchesnay

D'ARBRE EN ARBRE ® Duchesnay is an original new way to discover the forest environment.  The forest adventure course is set among the treetops and runs from tree to tree by means of monkey bridges, wooden footbridges, nets, cables, zip slides, beams, etc. The course takes up to 3 hours to complete and is accessible to all whatever their level of agility or experience. Safety during the course is provided by means of a harness, a double lanyard and two carabineers worn by the participant which is attached to a life-line (red-coated steel cable). Instructions on the whole procedure given prior to departure. Some times the view on the fjord is awesome, at other times, only the top of trees and the lush vegetation is the only thing visible. However, at all time thee vegetation must be left untouched as much as possible. A real incursion into nature's private kingdom!  The forest adventure course is a fun version of a military assault course which was adapted for the general public as a forest activity by a retired military. The first leisure circuit opened in 1995.  Since then, forest adventure courses have known increasing popularity as people seek newer and more thrilling outdoor sports.
Tour Pricing: Categories Adults 12-17 yrs. Kids* Individual 29.75$ 24.50$ 16.00$ Family 26.78$ 22.05$ 14.40$ Group 25.25$ 20.75$ 13,60$

Restrictions/Requirements:  See Tour Website for Details

Tour Type : Aerial Trekking Course
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D'Arbre En Arrbre - TreeGo
70, de la Randonnée, Pavillon Horizon, Station touristique Duchesnay.
Sainte-Catherine-de-la Jacques-Cartier ,QC  G3N 2Y5
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