Deerfield Valley Canopy Tours

The three hour tour includes 9 zip lines, 2 sky brisges, and 3 rappels.  Located at Zoar Outdoor.  Camp, raft, hike, and zip... all in the same location.
Tour Pricing: 85

Restrictions/Requirements:  See Tour Website for Details

Tour Type : Canopy Tour, Zip Line Tour
Great Mountain Views
by Amanada
on September 13, 2010 5:14 am
A good friend of mine and I zipped this early one morning in July. Check-in is easy. The harnesses are two seperate pieces, chest and seat. The guides walk you through step by step putting them on. Ground school is just outside the check-in building. From there, you ride on 4X4's up to the first zip. You can see one of the zips as you are riding up. You climb a ladder up to the first zip and are off! The guides signal you when to brake.

There are 3 rappels during the course. The first two, the guides do all of the work. The last rappel, they let you control the rappel, if you wish. This whole course is "challenge by choice", so if you wish to abandon the course at any time, you can and they will send a ranger out to pick you up.

There are two short sky bridges during the course and one short hike to a snack station in the middle of the course. Two unique zips include one that starts with you running down a slanted platform and another which lands on the ground.

After the last rappell, it is just a short walk back to base, where you can purchase the pictures they take along the course. They take 2 group photos and at least four of the individual zipping, so you are bound to get a good photo. The photos are really clear, too. Definately worth it!
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