Fire Wire Zip Lines

Fire Wire Zip Lines is where you will discover a rush like no other; a place where panoramic Blue Ridge Mountain views meet heart pounding exhilaration! This is truly a unique opportunity for adventure seekers young and old alike to experience something amazing and completely unforgettable.

Now imagine yourself on one of our elevated platforms looking 1500' down a mountainside to your final landing site. You are now standing on one of Fire Wire Zip Lines' super zip launch pads. This is where the promise of an unforgettable adventure begins. Step to the edge...and let yourself go!!!!!!!

You will be launched, through a tree-top tunnel, and shot from the trees where you will find yourself flying over rolling pastures with panoramic Blue Ridge Mountain views then you will swoop down safely to your landing site.

You will have experienced a spectacular adventure ride that many travelers can only dream about. You will then know why Fire Wire Zip Lines is one of the top tourist destinations in the state. You will want to fly our super lines again and again.

Our passion for unique outdoor excitement that is fun, safe and unforgettable has placed us at the forefront of outdoor adventure in the North Georgia mountains and why Fire Wire Zip Lines continues to lead the way in zip line adventure.

Tour Pricing: $29.95/person

Restrictions/Requirements: See website for more information.

Tour Type : Canopy Tour, Zip Line Tour
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Fire Wire Zip Lines
1408 Appalachian Highway
Blue Ridge ,Georgia  30513
United States of America
(706) 946-1010
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