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"Fun, safe, great, adventurous, you name it. We spent a day at The Flight of The Gibbon and had a wonderful time...." Voyage Magazine

The Flight of the Gibbon Story

The founders were a group of nature lovers who spent their week ends on conservation projects in the mountains of Thailand. In 2004 they were taking pictures of Gibbons in Doi Intanon. Someone in the group noticed some gibbon remains. The guide said it looked like poachers had killed the mother to capture the baby. The small bones next to her were from her unborn fetus.

Then, One day in late 2007 a pair of white handed gibbons were dumped on the side of the road after spending over 5 years in captivity. We knew we had to find a way get them back into the wild and keep them protected. Flight of the Gibbon was created with a very clear mission, the protection of Asian wildlife.

Tong lorde and tong Dee (the pair of white handed gibbons) were released January 3, 2009. On February 23, 2010 they gave birth in the wild to a healthy son. Thanks to your participation in Flight of the Gibbon, their offspring will never have to see the inside of a poachers cage.

Our Tours

Flight of the Gibbon Zip Line Tours was born from this. The tours were designed to enable everyone access to the rainforest in the most exciting way possible. We know guests coming to Thailand on holidays may only have 1 chance. We also realized that in spite of the hype, the standard trekking and other adventure tours just weren’t that fulfilling and memorable. So, we went to work.

Our zipline tours are a unique system of tree houses, platforms, cables and sky bridges enable you to view jungle life from all layers of the canopy, a perspective previously reserved for a select group of researchers. Our original tour started in the pristine rainforest in the mountains near Chiang Mai, Thailand. But as word spread, we realized we were on to something big. Thrill seekers & nature lovers alike, ages 5-95, can explore the tropical rainforest like never before. So we opened a new tour located in pristine rainforest between the Chompoo Wildlife Sanctuary and the Khao Kheoo zoo, convenient to both Bangkok & Pattaya.

Realizing that even more fun could be had in the jungle, we created the Go Gibbon Tour at the Bangkok & Pattaya location. Think of it as a real-life “jungle” gym for all ages.

Working with a select group of partners, we also created multi-day tours that combine our zipline tour with a Nature Safari in Chonburi, Rock Climbing, White Water Rafting, Mountain Biking, and a highly educational, fun Ecotour Trek. All of these multi-day tours come either with a hotel stay or an authentic homestay.

Canopy tours originated in the lush rainforests of Costa Rica where adventurous biologists devised a system of cables and platforms that allowed them to study this previously inaccessible ecosystem. It wasn’t long before this developed into a breathtaking eco-tourism activity that not only allowed people to enter and experience the upper realm of a rainforest, but raised awareness to the plight and beauty of the world’s endangered indigenous forests.

With that spirit and from the very beginning, we have redirected our energy and money into the local communities and forests that we work in. Working with the local people, the Thai forest service, and Chiang Mai University, we have successful rainforest restoration and primate habitat rehabilitation projects. This has allowed us to offer a genuine, local carbon offset program for your flight to Thailand if you book your tour online. Overall, we contribute a minimum of 10% of our profits to the preservation of gibbons and other conservation projects. An important aspect of our tours is the education of the guest by our guides. With that special relationship of growing up and being provided for by the forests, many of our guides have that deep understanding of the how the forests work that books just can’t provide. Don’t hesitate to ask our guides any questions you have.

Tour Pricing: 2,080 Thai Baht

Restrictions/Requirements:  See Tour Website for Details

Tour Type : Canopy Tour, Zip Line Tour, Ropes Course w/ Zip Line
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