Go Ape! Forest Of Dean

Mallards Pike Lake vies for our most beautiful location. Bring a picnic and a BBQ and enjoy family bike trails starting by the Go Ape cabin – a perfect way to explore the amazing Forest of Dean.

  • Highest point: Top of Parrots Ladder (site 5) 15m
  • Longest Zip Wire: Site 5, Zip Line 180m
  • Longest crossing: Rail Tracks (site 3) 18m
  • Total length of all crossings: 806m
  • Number of crossings: 44
  • Number of sections: 5

Tour Pricing: Gorillas (18 plus years): £30 Baboons (10-17 years): £20

Restrictions/Requirements:  See Tour Website for Details

Tour Type : Zip Ride, Aerial Trekking Course
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Go Ape High Wire Forest Adventure
Hargrave Hall Church Lane
Bury St. Edmunds ,Suffolk  IP29 5HH
0845 643 92 15
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