Go Ape! Wyre Forest

Our brand new course at Wyre Forest is home to some of the most ecologically significant woodlands in England. So why not Go Ape in one of Britain's largest remaining ancient woodlands...

  • Highest point: Site 5 Zip Wire Platform 14m
  • Longest Zip Wire: Site 4 Zip Wire 160m
  • Longest crossing: Tibetan Bridge (site 4) 17m
  • Total length of all crossings:  567m
  • Number of crossings: 40
  • Number of sites: 5

Go Ape customers get 20% off food all day, every day at The George.

Tour Pricing: Gorillas (18 plus years): £30 Baboons (10-17 years): £20

Restrictions/Requirements:  See Tour Website for Details

Tour Type : Zip Ride, Aerial Trekking Course
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Go Ape High Wire Forest Adventure
Hargrave Hall Church Lane
Bury St. Edmunds ,Suffolk  IP29 5HH
0845 643 92 15
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