Mombotour Canopy Tour

Cutirre Canopy Tour consists of 17 platforms linked together by 3 ladders and other suspended structures, installed in the heights of century-old trees located in the coffee plantation of Cutirre Farm. The visitor goes from one platform to the next using the equipment and the techniques of high-angle climbing, such as mountain hiking, rock climbing and caving. The tour culminates in a 70 ft. rappel from the top of a 250-year-old ceibón tree.
Tour Pricing: NATIONAL- Adult: $25.30, Student: $20.70, Child: $15.00; INTERNATIONAL - Adult: $35.65, Student: $25.30, Child: $18.00

Restrictions/Requirements:  See Tour Website for Details

Tour Type : Canopy Tour
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MomboTour Nicaragua
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