The Burning Rock Express

The Burning Rock Express Racing Zipline

The Longest, Fastest Dual-Racing Zipline On The East Coast Dares You To Race. Think You're Ready?

Are you someone who likes to go fast? Likes excitement? Okay, one last question…

Do you like to fly?

If you answered yes, you’re going to be pretty amped about The Burning Rock Express Racing Zipline. This is NOT a zipline “tour”. The BR Express is a rocket of a twin zipline system that picks up so much speed, the ground below you will blur. Honest. Goggles optional.

The Express is a dual-racing zipline. Which means you can race your friends, side by side, and watch their faces as they fly just feet away from you.

Think You're ready?

Zipline Stats

  • 2,500 feet long (a half mile!)
  • 300 foot descent (that’s a 30 story building!)
  • Speeds of 60 MPH (that’s really fast without a car around you!)
  • Zippers must weigh between 70 and 250 Lbs (that's the rule!)

The Burning Rock Express Zipline is a one-of-a-kind experience. If you’re on a West Virginia Vacation, don’t miss it.  Be sure to wear closed-toe, heeled shoes and comfortable clothing.

Tour Pricing: $39, $35, $25, $75 Package

Restrictions/Requirements: Closed-toe shoes, 70-250 lbs

Tour Type : Zip Line Tour, Zip Ride, Zip Line Only
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The Burning Rock Express

Burning Rock Outdoor Adventure Park
PO Box 789
Sophia ,WV
United States
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