The Original Canopy Tour - Drake Bay

This tour consists of 9 platforms, 6 traverse cables, one over 100 meters long (300 ft), a 9 meter suspended observation walkway and a 25-meter rappel down to the edge of a stream where wildlife abounds. The platforms vary in height from 10 meters to 33 meters above the forest floor and the tour is built on a high point of land where two rivers join. Usually, where there is water, you will see lots of birds and animals. This is a true rainforest and the canopy level generally has several layers to it, all of which can be seen on the tour.
Tour Pricing: USD $45 charge per Person.

Restrictions/Requirements:  See Tour Website for Details

Tour Type : Canopy Tour
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The Original Canopy Tour
Apdo 7979-1000 ,San Jose
Costa Rica
United States: 305-433-2241 Costa Rica: 2291-4465
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