Treetop Trekking Arbraska Horseshoe

Treetop Trekking Horseshoe is situated in the magnificent County of Simcoe at beautiful Horseshoe Valley Resort, an hour's drive north of Toronto and just minutes outside of Barrie. You'll discover our park in the Copeland forest located on the resort.

A childhood dream
It's by relaxing and amusing ourselves that we develop skills that may have been forgotten such as balance, mastery over the mind and body, concentration and self confidence. At Arbraska you can relive your childhood dreams to climb and travel in the trees.

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Tour Type : Aerial Trekking Course
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Treetop Trekking Arbraska Horseshoe
1101 Horseshoe Valley Road
Barrie ,Ontario  L4M 4Y8
(888) 733-8679
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