Zip Line Canopy Tour at Refreshing Mountain

The Zip Line Canopy Tour at Refreshing Mountain Camp is a series of cables and platforms between 10 and 60 feet off of the ground. Participants will be harnessed to a pulley that rides the cable and will "zip" from platform to platform through the "canopy" of trees through which the course is built. There are 5 zip lines, with a combined length of over 1400 feet! Additionally, in the middle of the course, there is a "cat walk" (a narrow bridge without walls, that spans approx 70 feet). Participants will walk across the bridge to reach the next part of the course. When working with a group of 5-10 persons, it is expected that the course will take approx 1.5 hours to complete.
Tour Pricing: See website for more information.

Restrictions/Requirements: See website for more information.

Tour Type : Canopy Tour, Zip Line Tour
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Zip Line Canopy Tour at Refreshing Mountain
455 Camp Rd
Stevens ,Pennsylvania  17578
United States of America
(888) 353-1490
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